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Alright. You should notice some content changes here in the next few weeks. My work on my Red Hat Certified Architect status is picking up. I look forward to completing my RHCDS on Feb 13.
MY Current Test Dates:
ex436 -> FEB 13 2009 ex432 -> Feb 20 2009 ex333 -> APR 04 2009

If you would like more information, do email me << dduncan at rubackedup DOT coM >>

I have posted my resume as a google notebook for those who are interested, but I do not want to make it publically available. Please email me for a private link for more information.

I currently work for Dell as a Senior Support Analyst for the Linux, Novell, and VMware groups. My speciality is HPC and I am working to apply the principles of autonomic computing to hpc cluster configuration. My intent is to create a method of enforcing the promises made between vendors and clients. I am most interested in Rocks and Rocks+ tools suite from NPACI and the allied partner ClusterCorp. I was working with Platform OCS almost exclusively, but as a result of a new alliance with Dell and ClusterCorp. I was introduced to Jason Krantz and some other engineers from the NPACI projects. I was most impressed with the spirit of their intent and equally as much with the functionality of their tools.
I will still continue to work with Platform Computing, but I believe that the majority of my exposure will be through the OCS alliance with Red Hat.
I have started working with the YUI tools from Yahoo developer site. I am going to recreate Renee's Website using the template grids (like I just did to this one) and the imageloaders. I will let you know how it turns out.

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